Diesel Generator Room Noise Reduction Solution


Diesel Generator Room Noise Reduction Solution, Generator Set Noise Reduction Solution

The noise of the diesel generator is very complicated. The noise can be mainly divided into structural sound transmission and air propagation according to the transmission route. The structure propagation refers to the fact that the central air-conditioning main unit of the power generator house in the building propagates through solids mainly for low-frequency noise. Gas noise is transmitted directly through the air to the surroundings. Low-frequency noise is the strongest in amplitude and the most harmful to the human body. Therefore, we need a suitable noise reduction solution for noise control.

100kVA Soundproof Diesel Generator
100kVA Soundproof Diesel Generator with Cummins Diesel Engine

Noise Source Analysis

When the industrial power generators are running, it will produce relatively large mechanical noise, vibration noise, exhaust noise, etc. The ordinary diesel generator room may not be able to block the impact of noise on the plant area.

Industrial Generator with Soundproof Canopy
Industrial Generator with Soundproof Canopy With Denyo Design

Noise Reduction Method

The usual practice is to use soundproof windows and doors, sound-absorbing ceilings, ventilation and noise reduction inside the power generator room and several noise-reduction solution on the ground.

1. Heat Dissipation Channel

Because the emergency backup generator room needs ventilation and heat dissipation, it is necessary to reserve ventilation passages, and also avoid leakage problems caused by the heat dissipation passages. At the same time, noise dissipation materials are installed for the exhaust holes of the equipment to prevent noise from coming out.

2. Damping pad

The walls and floors in the diesel generator room are made of soundproofing materials to improve the sound insulation effect. The floor is made of shock absorbers for vibration reduction; the ceiling is made of sound absorbers to improve the sound absorption in the diesel generator room.

3. Soundproof windows and doors

Soundproof windows and doors can solve the problem of leakage of doors and windows and reduce the number of unnecessary windows.

The noise reduction measures of the industrial generator room can solve the noise problem by the noise source and the propagation path. By solving the noise insulation of the equipment room and the ground vibration reduction, the noise problem of the power generator room can be solved to a large extent.

Soundproof Generator
Soundproof Generator with Chinese Brand Diesel Engine. 

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