Diesel Generator Installation Unified Technical Standard


Unified Technical Standards for Diesel Generator Installation

1. Scope of Application

This technical standard is applicable to on-site construction guidance for diesel generator installation projects in urban areas.

2. Based On

2.1 Unless otherwise stated, the project must comply with the design, drawings and relevant national, local and industry standards, including but not limited to:

"Code for Construction and Acceptance of Grounding Devices" GB50169-92

"Code for Acceptance of Construction Electrical Engineering Construction" GB50303-2002

"Design Specification for Power Supply and Distribution System" GB50052-95

"Standards for Construction and Acceptance of Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems" GB50281-98

"Fire automatic alarm construction and acceptance specifications" GB50168-92

"National Civil Engineering Design Technical Measures" Electric (2003)

2.2 If the contractor has any doubts about the following requirements, it shall immediately submit the property to the real estate. Make the final decision, otherwise, it is considered acceptable.

Diesel Generator with Soundproof Canopy
Diesel Generator with Soundproof Canopy

3. Check items before entering the venue

The following items are required to be checked before the installation of large diesel generators. Please check with the relevant professional department or persons. If not, please submit it to the relevant professional department and supervisors and Party A in time.

3.1 Water supply and drainage

The exhaust gas generated by the diesel fuel generator must be purified before being discharged. The purification treatment requires water supply and drainage to provide a certain pressure of water according to the diesel generator type. The water supply and drainage professional must reserve the water supply port at the appropriate position. Leave a water supply port that provides a certain pressure and introduce a diesel generator room;

Check whether the drainage ditch in the emergency generator room is covered with a cover plate and take measures against rat rodents;

3.2 Building structure

Check whether the exhaust hole meets the operational requirements of the diesel generator;

Check whether the diesel generator hoisting embedded parts are reserved for the roof of the generator house;

Check whether the wall of the diesel exhaust flue is reserved for the wall and whether the reserved size meets the requirements of the diesel generator;

Check whether the diesel engine door and the oil storage door are equipped with Class B fire doors. Whether the height of the oil storage door threshold has reached the height according to the tank capacity and area design, and whether the thickness of the floor sand in the oil storage room meets the requirements;

Check whether a 20cm high concrete boss is built on the ground of the generator room. The size of the table should meet the installation requirements of the unit;

Check whether the lamps, windows, and doors in the equipment room, the floor, and interior walls are finished and whether the garbage has been removed;

3.3 Fire Protection

Check if a direct telephone is set up in the diesel engine room to communicate with the fire control center;

Check whether the CO2 gas fire extinguishing system and the fire alarm system are installed in the generator room, can the linkage control of the smoke exhausting device and the air supply valve, etc., whether the operating state of all the fire fighting equipment can be transmitted to the control center, whether it can be directly in the fire center Control fire equipment;

Check whether all fire-related electrical equipment in the generator room provides dual power supply and can achieve automatic switching;

Open Type Diesel Generator with SDEC Diesel Engine
Open Type Generator with SDEC Diesel Engine

4. Entry acceptance and construction preparation

4.1 Diesel generator (Party A supply) acceptance

Check the host, accessories, special tools, spare parts according to the packing list;

With technical documents, inspection certificate and factory records;

The generator and control cabinet provide factory test records;

Visual inspection: there is a nameplate, no defects in the fuselage, complete coating;

4.2 Party B Supply material

Before entering the market, report the equipment materials entry form according to the supervision requirements, and enter the site on time after approval;

The equipment materials entering the site shall have the certificate of conformity and the inspection report, and the materials of the equipment must meet the requirements of relevant national standards;

The materials purchased by the contractor must be subject to supervision and inspection before use, and the procedures are in accordance with the relevant provisions of the supervision regulations;

4.3 Construction preparation

The contractor project manager and on-site technical personnel shall enter the site at least 7 days before the official construction to check the construction conditions, and complete the construction process negotiation and construction preparation in the general contractor;

If the installation and construction personnel need to stay at the construction site, they should be prepared at least three days before the official construction;

Materials shall enter the site at least two days prior to the official installation and be stacked in a predetermined location;

The contractor must have professional construction qualifications and professional construction team, wear uniform uniforms and badges, actively cooperate with the management of the general contractor, and pay attention to safe and civilized construction;

Submit the construction organization design and construction plan to the supervisor three days before entering the site, and organize the construction according to the approved construction organization design and construction plan;

Silent Generator with Cummins Diesel Engine
Silent Generator with Cummins Diesel Engine

5. Installation and construction technical requirements;

5.1 Two sets of batteries for electric start-up shall be provided for use as soon as possible. The voltage shall be 24V. The capacity of each group shall be determined according to the continuous starting of the diesel engine not less than 6 times.

5.2 Exhaust pipes and mufflers must be fixed to the building or to a special mounting bracket to bear their weight and connected to the unit's exhaust pipe by a bellows with telescopic function.

5.3 Exhaust system should reduce the length, the number of elbows, and reduce the diameter to reduce the exhaust back pressure.

5.4 The indoor part of the exhaust pipe should be guaranteed not to leak. A certain concentration of exhaust gas in the engine room will cause personnel poisoning and affect the normal operation of the generator.

5.5 The exhaust pipe should be covered with a protective cover, and it should be laid out along the outer wall or the flue vertically. The outlet end of the pipe should be equipped with a rain cap or cut into an oblique angle of 30-45 degrees.

5.6 The distance between the air outlet of the radiator and the wall is 0.8-1M, and the air hood is connected with the air outlet of the wall. The air is sealed so that the hot air cannot leak back into the room;

5.7 The connection between the hot air duct and the diesel engine radiator shall be made of elastic corrugated pipe soft joint so that the vibration of the body is not transmitted to the air hood;

5.8 Fresh air inlets are generally installed on the wall opposite the air outlet. When using natural air intake, the area should be larger than the air outlet, which is 1.25 times of the air outlet;

5.9 There shall be no abnormal phenomena such as oil leakage, air leakage and water leakage within 12 hours of continuous operation of the generator;

5.10 The generator neutral line (working zero line) shall be directly connected to the grounding main line, and the bolt anti-loose parts are complete and marked;

5.11 The insulation resistance value of the phase-to-phase and phase-to-phase of the feeder to the low-voltage distribution cabinet feeder should be greater than 0.5M ohm, and the DC withstand voltage test of the plastic insulated cable feeder is 2.4KV, the time is 15min, and the leakage current is stable;

5.12 After the diesel generator feeder is connected, the phase sequence at both ends must be consistent with the phase sequence of the original power supply system;

Trailer Generator For Emergency Use
Trailer Generator For Emergency Use

6. Engineering construction and acceptance

6.1 Before the formal construction, the contractor shall provide the installation and construction drawings to the general contract according to the bidding requirements (the tripartite contract situation) Condition, supervision and project management department, and according to the approved construction plan and construction organization design construction;

6.2 The wiring of the control cabinet that comes with the generator set should be correct, and the fasteners are in good fastening condition and there is no leakage. The type and specification of the switch protection device are correct; after the feeder circuit of the diesel generator set is connected, the phase sequence of both ends must be consistent with the phase sequence of the original power supply system;

6.3 The neutral line (working zero line) of the generator should be connected to the grounding main line. The bolt anti-loose parts are complete and marked.

6.4 The insulation resistance between the phase-to-phase and relative ground of the generator-to-low-voltage cabinet feed line shall be greater than 0.5M ohm;

6.5 The switchgear, automatic or manual switching device and protection device of the low-voltage power distribution cabinet on the power receiving side are qualified, and the unit is continuously operated for 12 hours without failure;

6.6 Explosion-proof lamps are used for the lighting in the oil storage room. The oil storage tank is led to the outdoor parking lot near the fuel truck. The nozzle must be a rain hat and prevent foreign matter from entering.

6.7 The test of the generator set must meet the requirements of the “Diesel Generator Handover Test” project;

6.8 After the contractor has completed the installation and commissioning, the technicians shall be stationed at the site to be responsible for the maintenance and management, and actively cooperate with the other parties such as the general contractor to coordinate the work;

6.9 The contractor must be responsible for the acceptance of the environmental protection and fire department, submit the completion drawings and other materials, and go through the completion acceptance procedures;

6.10 The unit should always be in the ready-to-start state. When the mains supply is interrupted, the unit should start immediately and put into normal load operation within 15 seconds;

6.11 The unit shall be interlocked with the power system and shall not be operated in parallel with it. When the utility power is restored, the unit should automatically exit the work and delay the machine;

6.12 When three consecutive self-start failures, it shall be able to issue an alarm signal.

6.13 All fire-related blowers, exhaust hoods and diesel generators in the equipment room can be coordinated, and their action signals should be transmitted to the control center remotely, and these devices can be remotely controlled in the control center;

6.14 Environmental protection acceptance requirements: the diesel generator must meet the requirements of the environmental protection department for noise and exhaust emission standards. When installing the diesel unit, pay attention to the anti-seismic measures. Place a number of cushions randomly carried between the unit and the channel steel. The acceptance criteria should meet the following criteria:

Diesel Generator Urban Area Environmental Noise Standard (dBA)
Scope Application Day Time Night Time
Special residential area 45 35
Residents, cultural and educational areas 50 40
General Commercial and Residential Mixed Area 55 45
Industrial, commercial, small traffic and residential mix, commercial center 60 50
Industrial concentration area 65 55
Traffic trunk roadsides 70 55

Diesel Generator

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