Aircraft Ground Power Unit

Ground Power Unit (400Hz Diesel Generator) for Aircraft or Radar

The Ground Power Unit is a power supply device that supplies power to the aircraft when the aircraft is on the ground. There are usually two types of ground power unit with mobile system and fixed 400Hz diesel generator.

The electric power is required most of the time during aircraft ground operations. The Ground Power Unit can be produced by a motor-generator set, in which a dedicated 400Hz generator is driven by a prime mover motor to provide electrical power to the aircraft power outlet.

The common standard for ground power is three-phase 400Hz A.C. 200/115V, which is the same as the power provided by aircraft generators. On some occasions, most of the time in the main airport, electrical conversion devices near the entrance of the aircraft provide three-phase A.C. 200/115V power converted and obtained from the national grid.

Ground Power Unit for Aricraft


Ground Power Unit (400Hz Diesel Generator) for Aircraft or Radar

There are batteries or generators on the ground power unit, which vary depending on the type of aircraft main power supply. The 400Hz generator is driven by the engine on the vehicle and is equipped with voltage regulation, frequency stabilization and protection equipment. The ground power supply sends electrical energy to the ground power socket on the aircraft via a cable. The ground power monitor on the aircraft is used to detect the polarity, phase sequence and quality of the ground power. Only when the ground power unit performance meets the technical requirements of the aircraft, the ground power contactor on the aircraft is connected to connect the ground power to the aircraft power grid.

If the 400Hz diesel generator use for the Radar, usually it will be the open-type. Because the user need install the 400Hz diesel generator in the radar truck, it will have the space limited, and the dimension of open-type will be smaller. 

Fixed Type 400Hz Diesel Generator For Aircraft
Fixed Type 400Hz Diesel Generator For Aircraft


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