Hyundai Diesel Generator

Hyundai Diesel Generator Output from 50kVA to 825kVA

The Hyundai diesel generator adopts the Hyundai brand diesel engine produced by Hyundai Infracore Co., Ltd. (which is Doosan brand before 2023).

The standard of the Hyundai diesel generator with Stamford alternator produced by Cummins Generator Technologies. We also have the Leroy Somer alternator, Marathon alternator, Mecc Alte alternator and Hosem brand alternator for users' optional.

The Hyundai generator install the Smartgen brand controller model HGM6120N as standard, we also have the option of Deepsea model DSE6120, DSE7320, DSE7420, DSE8610 controller and ComAp AMF8, MSR10, IG4-200, AMF25, AMF20 controller for optional.

Hyundai Diesel Generator Output from 50kVA to 825kVA
Doosan Diesel Generator



Diesel Generator Powered by Doosan Diesel Engine, Doosan Diesel Generator

The Hyundai generator set is powered by Hyundai Infracore Co., Ltd. with diesel engine model SP344CB, SP344CC, JP086TI-1, P086TI, DP086LA, P126TI, P126TI-II, DP126LB, P158LE, DP158LC, DP158LD, DP180LA, DP180LB, DP222LB, DP222LC for 50kVA to 825kVA diesel generator set with 50Hz, 1500R.P.M. The Hyundai diesel also supply with 1800RPM for 60Hz diesel generator. 

The diesel generator set included the diesel engine, alternator, radiator, dampers, breaker, battery, as standard, and have the soundproof canopy, ATS, Synchronization panel, and distribution panel for optional. 

Hosem Power diesel generator supply with Delixi brand circuit breaker, as the standard, and we have the ABB, Schneider and Siemens brand breaker for optional. 

Hosem Power have each kind design of soundproof canopy for optional, also accept the customized made of the soundproof canopy. The noise level of the Isuzu soundproof diesl generator with noise level at 65dBA to 70dBA at 7 meters.

Diesel Generator Powered by Doosan Diesel Engine
Hosem Diesel Generator Powered by Hyundai Diesel Engine, Hyundai Diesel Generator


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