Diesel Generator Set Installation and Commissioning Plan


Diesel Generator Set Installation and Commissioning Plan

The diesel generator set of this project is installed in the basement generator room, which mainly consists of diesel generator set, daily fuel tank, accident fuel tank, accident drain pump, air inlet muffler, exhaust muffler, oil pipe system, smoke exhaust system and electrical system.

The approach of entering, accepting, unpacking, hoisting, and seating of major equipment has been described in the basement equipment hoisting and seating plan. This program mainly describes the installation and commissioning work after the generator is in place.

Diesel Generator Set Powered by Cummins
Industrial Generator Powered by Cummins

1. Diesel Generating Installation
A. After the Diesel Generator Set is in place, install the corresponding damping device and grounding device according to the equipment requirements.
B. The inlet and exhaust muffler should be sealed to the wall when installed and securely fixed. Install a rainproof industry outside the muffler.
C. Before installing the tubing, ensure that the inner wall of the pipeline is clean, and the fuel tank, pipes, valves and other components need to be reliably grounded.
D. Pipe flange gaskets are made of graphite metal wound gaskets.
E. The flue, the flue muffler, the flue expansion joint should be fixed firmly, and the expansion joint and the muffler should be provided with a spring hanger.

2. Prepare Before Starting Up the Diesel Generator Set
A. All systems of the industrial generator have been checked. Good grounding.
B. Set fire extinguishers and yellow sand fire-fighting equipment as required.
C. All other civil works and fire protection work in the generator room were completed. No work such as hot work or cutting is performed.
D. After the above work is completed, feedback to the management department and the supervision department, and add diesel oil after approval.

3. Electrical Commissioning Scheme for Diesel Generator Set
A. Generator body debugging
The insulation resistance measured with a 10000V megger should be greater than 0.5M.
The measured DC resistance is converted to the resistance error of the generator at the same temperature and should be less than 2%.
B. Complete test of the generator protection circuit

Industrial Generator Set with Soundproof Canopy
Diesel Generator Set with Soundproof Canopy

4. Test Before Commissioning of The Generator
The generator outlet switch is disconnected, all inputs, the generator is boosted to the no-load rated voltage, and the nuclear phase test is performed on both sides of the busbar and the generator output voltage. The outgoing line identification of the generator output voltage corresponds to the bus phase sequence.

5. Power Backup Generator Commissioning
A. Unit empty load operation: manually start the diesel generator without load test with the starter of the unit, check whether the unit rotates and the mechanical transmission is abnormal, whether the oil supply and oil pressure are normal, whether the cooling water temperature is too high, the speed is automatic and manual control to meet the requirements. If problems are found, resolve them in time.
B. After the diesel generator has passed the test without load, the temperature rise of the fuselage and the bearing is checked. Only when the no-load test of the unit is qualified, the load test can be carried out.
C. Detecting the protection performance of the unit: The instrument is used to simulate the low oil pressure, high cooling water temperature, over-voltage, and other signals. The unit should immediately start the protection function and alarm.
D. Use the phase sequence table to carry out nuclear phase between the mains and the generator power supply, and the phase sequence should be consistent.
E. Diesel generator with load test: The unit generates electricity at the rated speed, and checks the main indicators of the unit with load operation. The test results should meet the unit design requirements for 1 hour at 25% load, 1 hour at 50% load, 2 hours at 75% load, and 0.5 hour at 100% load.
F. Diesel generator set full load test: Perform various performance tests of the unit under full load condition, and complete the full load running time of the unit according to requirements.
G. Linkage debugging with the system: artificially cut off the mains power, the main unit should be able to automatically start and supply power to the load within the time required by the design. The mains is restored and the unit is automatically shut down.
H. Trial operation acceptance: Test the switchgear, automatic or manual and protection devices on the power receiving side. After the test is passed, the load test shall be carried out according to the designed backup power supply distribution scheme, and the unit and the electrical device shall run continuously without failure. Can be handed over for acceptance.

Diesel Generator In Testing with Load
Diesel Generator Set In Testing with Load


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