GPU for Aircraft A.C. 200/115V and D.C. 28.5V and 56V Output

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Serial Number A-G113HS
Country of Origin Fuzhou, China
Certificate ISO9001, CE, SASO, SONCAP, ISO8528:5
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GPU for Aircraft A.C. 200/115V and D.C. 28.5V and 56V Output

1. Main Performance and Technical Specification

1.1. GPU Output Technical Data

Genset Output 146kW (DC Output and AC Output.)
Output Type 1. Generator Output: AC 400Hz 3Ph 200V;
2. DC 28.5V, Two Output, supply by alternator via rectificate;
3. Series connection two of DC28.5V, increase voltage: DC 70V;
4. Series connection two of DC28.5V: DC 56V
5. Increase voltage from 3Ph 200V output: AC 400Hz 3Ph, 36V;
6. AC 400Hz Single Phase 120V, reduce voltage from 200V output.
Output Specification AC 400Hz   3Ph 200V 1. Rate Output: 90kW;
2. Power Factor: PF=0.8 (Lagging.);
3. Rate Voltage: 200/150V, 3Phase
4. Rate Frequency: 400Hz;
5. Rate Current: 325A;
6. Over Load Capacity: 488A 5 Mins/Hour
DC28.5V 1. Rate Voltage: DC28.5V (Two Lines).;
2. Rate Current: 800A;
3.  Surge Current: 1600A (5min.), 2000 (30s);
4. When output with (2 X DC28.5V. series connection, one of the DC28.5V output is from 2 X 182AH batteries (7HK-182., another line without output.
DC70V 1. Rate Voltage: DC 70V;
2. Rate Current: 800A;
3. Surge Current: 1600A (5min.); 2000A (30s.)
4. Output Voltage 0-70V slow rise, rise time is adjustable.
DC56V 1. Rate Voltage: DC 56V;
2. Rate Current: 800A;
3. Surge Current: 1600A (5min.), 2000A (30s.);
4. Output Voltage 0-56V slow rise, rise time is adjustable.
AC 36V 1. Rate Output: 1kVA;
2. Rate Voltage: 36V, 3Phase.
3. Rate Frequency: 400Hz;
AC 120V 1. Rate Output: 7kVA;
2. Rate Voltage: 120V, Single-phase
3. Rate Frequency: 400Hz;

1.2 Overall Dimension and Weight:

Design of 90kW GPU
Design of Generator Set for Aircraft

1. Overall Dimension: 5990*2250*2800mm
2. Total Weight: 6440kg
3. Noise Level: ≤75dB(A) at 7 Meters distance, and in 1 Meter height.

1.3 Specification of Diesel Engine and Alternator for 400Hz Diesel Generator: 

Diesel Engine (Volvo) Model TAD732GE Rate Output(kW) 158
Cylinder No. 6L Fuel Consumption (g/kw.h) 198
Bore/ Stroke(mm) 108/130 Displacement(L) 7.15
Aspiration Turbocharger Compression Ratio 18:01
Start Voltage (V) 24 Steady Adjustment (%) ≤1
AC Alternator Model H300-32 Rate Voltage 200/115V
Rate Frequency 400Hz Power Factor 0.8(Lagging)
Rate Output 90kW Rate Current 325A
Insulation Class H Voltage Adjustment Range ±5%
Protection IP23 Steady Voltage Adjust Ratio ≤±1%
Efficiency 93% Excitation Method Brushless Self-excitation
DC Rectifying Alternator Rate Voltage 2 X DC 28.5V Rate Current 2 X 800A
Surge Voltage 1600A 5Min Voltage Control AVR
Insulation Class Class H Voltage Modulation 24-32V(can adjust to 35V)
Voltage Slow Rise 0—20S    


90kW GPU for Aircraft
90kW GPU for Aircraft

 1.4. Control Panel
Use the Deepsea brand DSE5310 controller to control and protect the diesel engine and alternator. 
Use the OMRON PLC CPIH-XA40 for output control and DC protection.

1.5. Truck
Brand: FAW Light Truck
Wheelbase: 3360mm ;
Engine Model: JX493ZLQ5;
Engine Output: 85kW
Highest Speed: 100km/h

2. Technical Data: Conform to MIL-STD704E Standard
2.1. Three Phase AC Power: 
2.1.1. Rate Voltage 115/200V, 3 Phase Four Wires;
2.1.2. Rate Frequency: 400Hz;
2.1.3. Rate Output: 80kW/100kVA;
2.1.4. Power Factor: 0.8;
2.1.5. Rate Current: 288.7A;
2.1.6. Excitation Mode: Solidity, Self-excitation; 
2.1.7. Voltage Standard: Steady Voltage Range: 108-118V, from no load to full load; When one phase output with 1/3 of rate current, and other two phase without output, the voltage unbalance will not exceed 4%; Voltage modulation:  ≤2.5V; When in balance load, phase voltage shifting 120°±4°; Distortion Ratio: ≤ 0.05; Wave Crest Ratio: 1.31-1.51; Phase Voltage Adjustment Range in No Load: 115±12V。 Transient State Voltage Recover Time Conform to MIL-STD 704E Chart 6 standard, Phase voltage transient state surge voltage range: 90 - 140 V, Steady voltage range: 113 - 117 V. Add and Remove 100% Load, Deviation: ±20%; Voltage Adjust Range: ±12V; Three phase average sense and inner wiring voltage drop compensate maximum 5%(adjustable)

2.1.8. Frequency Standard: 
(A)Rate Frequency: 400Hz;
(B)Steady Frequency Range: 396-404Hz;
(C)Frequency Steady Time:  ≤1S  in ±5Hz
(D)Frequency Modulation: <2Hz

2.1.9. A.C. Protection System
(A)Over Voltage Trip: Voltage exceed 126V(110% of rate voltage), delay 1-2seconds   
(B)Low Voltage Trip: Voltage Lower than 101V(88% of rate voltage), delay 7 seconds. 
(C)Over Frequency: Frequency Exceed 430Hz, delay 2-5 seconds, trip.
(D)Low Frequency: Frequency lower 370Hz, delay 1-3 seconds, trip
(E)Over Load: 125% of rate load for 5ninutes, trip, 150% of rate load for 10seconds, trip. 

2.2  DC 28V Output, Two lines, output data: 
 (A) Ripple Wave: 1.5V RMS(Active Amount) @ 500A;
 (B) Steady Voltage Range: 24-29V;
 (C) Protection: in 32V(factory setting), delay 2seconds, trip;
 (D) No Load Voltage Adjustment Range 24-32 VDC;
 (E) Transient Surge Voltage: 17-35 VDC;

2.3 DC 70V Output Data
1)Rate Voltage: DC 70V;
2)Rate Current: 800A;
3)Surge Current: 1600A (5min), 2000A (30s);
4)Output Voltage: 0-70V slow rise, rise time is adjustable;
5)Steady Voltage Range: 56-73V
6)Ripple Wave: 1.5V RMS(Active amount) @ 500A, 
7)Over Voltage Protection: When voltage at 77V(Factory Setting, delay 2 Seconds, Trip.

2.4  DC 56V Output Data(all data measure from the 15meters cable end socket): 
1)Rate Voltage: DC 56V;
2)Rate Current: 800A;
3)Surge Current: 1600A(5min);2000A(30s);
4)Output Voltage 0-56V Slow Rise, Rise Time is adjustable.
5)Steady Voltage Range: 48-59V
6)Ripple Wave: 1.5V RMS(Active Amount) @ 500A, 
7)Over Voltage Protection: When voltage at 63V(factory setting), delay 2seconds, trip.

2.5 Safety System: 
2.5.1. Common Safety System
1)AC Cable interlock switch install in the E and F contact pin of connector, it will prevent power connection to air-craft, when incorrect connection of cable to aircraft is happened. There is a interlock bypass switch install in the GPU for testing mode. 
2)Emergency Stop Switch install in the GPU for emergency stop the GPU, when it is necessary.
3)Safety interlock parts install in the battery circuit of truck to prevent the truck start and run, when the operator still have put the power cable storage bin with correction location.

2.5.2 GPU Engine Protection
1)Over Speed Protection
2)Low Oil Pressure Disconnection.
3)Engine high temperature disconnection.
4)High water temp. 

3. GPU structure and control panel
The GPU is made up with truck, soundproof diesel generator assembly, cable duct, electric system and other parts. The soundproof diesel generator assembly install in the truck, and install the cable duct in the both side of soundproof diesel generator for put the cable. 
Soundproof diesel generator assembly made up with basis fuel tank, soundproof canopy, basis frame, diesel engine, alternator and electric control panel. The diesel engine and alternator install inside the soundproof canopy, and the front and rear is the air exhaust and inlet. Electric control panel is made up with controller, main circuit board etc, control panel is the operation part of GPU, install in the right and left side of GPU. 
3.1 Basis Fuel Tank: Capacity 300Litres, enough for diesel generator run not less than 8hours. 
3.2 Soundproof canopy assembly: the soundproof canopy with low noise and weatherproof function. 
3.2.2 Exhaust: The exhaust outlet in the rear side of GPU, with muffler exhaust and fan exhaust. 
3.3 Control Panel: The control panel install with the height at 1750mm from the land, it will convenience for operation. 
3.3.1 Control Panel with the follows operation switch, instructs and indicator: 
  A. Three Phase AC Indicator; 
  B. AC Voltage Meter
  C. AC Current Meter
  D. AC Frequency Meter
  E. Voltage Meter Selector
  F. Current Meter Selector
  G. Working and Alarm Indicator: AC Output Indicator, PLC Power Indicator, Generator Set Fault Alarm Indicator
  H. HGM7110 controller for control and protect the diesel engine and alternator.
  I. Operation Control Switch

3.3.2 Control Panel:
1. The diesel engine and alternator control, monitor & protection will control by special control module with model number HGM7110.
2. Use the OMRON PLC for Output control and DC protection, the circuit is simple and reliable.
3. Intelligent battery charger, it can charge the 7HK-182 28V batteries via mains or diesel generator. 
3.4 Hanger: Four numbers of hanger install in the diesel generator, it will convenience for removable of diesel generator and truck for future maintenance. 
3.5 Lighting: The LED lights install inside the soundproof canopy of GPU, and install the LED light in the control panel, there are convenience for future maintenance and repair in the night time. 

Control Panel of Ground Power Unit with Deepsea DSE5310 Controller
Control Panel of Ground Power Unit with Deepsea DSE5310 Controller

4. GPU Leave factory accessories and documents
4.1 Repair Kit: Each diesel generator with one tool kit, include screw-driver, wrench, sleeve, multimeter, tongs and packing box. 

4.2. Documents:
1) Engine Spare Parts Catalogues
2) GPU Maintenance Book and Troubleshoot Book
3) GPU Operation Manual
4) Engine Check Sheet
5) Circuit Diagram and Wiring Diagram

Regarding the output cable you enquiry is the model of other suppliers, we don't know the exact specification of the cable, so we cannot offer the price of the cable. Because the cable is the accessories of GPU, we can make the quotation and supply these cable, after we get the specification and length of the cable. 

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