Diesel Generators Compose and Indroduction of Diesel Engine


Diesel Generators Compose

In the diesel generators, the diesel engine can output power during the working process. In addition to directly converting the thermal energy of the fuel into the combustion chamber and the curved connecting rod mechanism of the mechanical energy, it must be ensured by corresponding mechanisms and systems, and these mechanisms and systems are mutually Contact and coordinate work.

Fuzhou Hosem Power Co., Ltd has compiled the overall structure of the diesel engine for you. Diesel engines of different types and uses have different forms of mechanisms and systems, but their functions are basically the same. The diesel engine is mainly composed of diesel engine body assembly and crank connecting rod mechanism, gas distribution mechanism and an intake and exhaust system, fuel supply system, lubrication system, cooling system, and starting system.

Deutz Diesel Engine Model BF4M2012 for Diesel Generators
Deutz Diesel Engine Model BF4M2012 for Diesel Generators

1. Body assembly and crank linkage assembly mainly includes a cylinder block, a cylinder head, and a crankcase.

It is the assembly base of the diesel engine system, and many parts of it are part of the diesel crank and linkage mechanism, the gas distribution mechanism and the intake and exhaust system, the fuel supply system, the lubrication and cooling system. For example, the cylinder head and the piston crown together form a combustion chamber space, and many parts, intake and exhaust passages, and oil passages are also disposed of thereon, and thermal energy is converted into mechanical energy, which needs to be completed by a crank linkage mechanism. This mechanism is the main moving part of the diesel engine and consists of a piston, a connecting rod, a crankshaft, a flywheel, and a crankcase. When the diesel is burned, the piston is subjected to the pressure of the gas expansion, and the crankshaft is rotated by the connecting rod, and the reciprocating linear motion of the piston is converted into the rotational motion of the crankshaft, and supply the power.

385kVA Cummins Generators
385kVA Cummins Diesel Generator

2. Valve distribution mechanism and intake and exhaust system

Valvetrain consists of valve group (intake valve, exhaust valve, valve guide, valve seat and valve spring, etc.) and transmission group (tiller, tappet, rocker arm, rocker The arm shaft, the camshaft, and the timing gear are composed of an air cleaner, an intake pipe, an exhaust pipe, and a muffler. The function of the gas distribution mechanism and the intake and exhaust system is according to certain requirements and timely. The ground opens and closes the intake and exhaust valves, exhausts the exhaust gas from the cylinder and inhales the fresh air, ensuring the smooth progress of the diesel engine ventilation process.

3. Fuel supply system

The function of the diesel fuel supply system is to inject a certain amount of diesel oil into the combustion chamber and mix it with air at a certain pressure for a certain period of time in order to burn work. It is mainly composed of a diesel tank, oil pump, diesel filter, fuel injection pump (high-pressure oil pump), fuel injector and governor.

4. Lubrication system

The function of the lubrication system is to send the lubricating oil to the friction surface of each moving part of the diesel engine, and to reduce friction, cooling, purification, sealing and rust prevention, so as to reduce the frictional resistance and wear, and take away the heat generated by the friction, thereby Ensure that the diesel engine is working properly. It is mainly composed of an oil pump, oil filter, oil radiator, various valves, and lubricating oil passages.

Cummins Diesel Engine For Generator Sets
Cummins Diesel Engine For Generator Sets

5. Cooling system

The function of the cooling system is to transfer the heat of the heated parts of the diesel engine to keep the diesel engine working at the optimum temperature for a good economy, power, and durability. The cooling system is divided into water cooling and air cooling. Most diesel engines use a water-cooled system that uses water as a cooling medium. There are also a few diesel engines that use air-cooled systems. The air cooling method, also known as air cooling, uses air as a cooling medium to transfer heat from the heated parts of the diesel engine. This cooling method consists of a fan and a hood, and in order to increase the heat dissipation area, a heat sink is usually cast on the cylinder head and the cylinder block.

6. Starting System

The diesel engine cannot be started by itself, and it must be operated by an external force to achieve self-operation. Therefore, the engine of diesel generators must be equipped with a dedicated starting device. The hand-started diesel engine is provided with a starting claw; the motor is started with a starting motor; the compressed air is activated with a compressed air starting device.

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